One thought on “The French Origins of “You Will Not Replace Us””

  1. Dear Thomas Chatterton Williams,

    Thank you for writing the New Yorker’s December 4, 2017 “Letter from Europe” from which one learns much. Your clear and thought-provoking discussion of Renaud Camus’s “le grand remplacement,” Richard Spencer’s “identitarianism,” and Alain Benoist’s “ethnopluralism” broadens our thinking about the world we are living in now.

    Especially enlightening are your statements that, to Guillaume Faye and others, Putin’s Russia represents the extension of a “continental economic space” that could resist demographic change from Africa and Asia (p. 28); that “decades of liberal supremacy in Europe [may] have helped give rise to the antithesis of liberalism” (p. 29), and that “the most important political division is no longer between left and right but between globalist and nationalist” (p. 30). All of these succinctly-stated observations make your “Letter” deeply original and important for understanding our present historical moment.

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