2 thoughts on “American Inferno”

  1. thugs are todays heroes. stealing from a neighbor, and imagine they pressed charges. just a young boy wanting money to buy things. no forgiveness from the white family that was victimized.
    continue stealing, and flirt with killer gangs, just what any naïve young man would do when trying to find himself and explore the world.
    my children were 9 and 11 when their father died. I worked we lived modestly no alligator shoes for my children and both graduated college and have a successful carrer.
    true heroes

  2. Your description of California’s Three Strikes law is inaccurate. The law enhances sentences for current convictions based upon prior convictions which constitute strikes. Your cousin, with no prior “strikes” (no prior convictions which constituted strikes), was not facing 25 to life no matter how many of the offenses he was then facing he was found guilty of committing.

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