The top five New Yorker articles of 2009 to date

Half of 2009 has magically slipped away and that stack of New Yorkers on your bedside table isn’t going to read itself. If you’re fortunate to have some time away from the office this summer, give yourself the gift of reading some truly worthwhile pieces from the first half of this year. (And when you’re done with that, forgive yourself for the rest of the unread issues.) My favorite pieces of 2009 to date are:

Apparently Atul Gawande is my new favorite New Yorker writer.  I assure you, this was completely unintentional. I reviewed my picks from this year’s issues and compiled my short-list of must read pieces. Dr. Gawande emerged with three of my five selections. I briefly considered spreading the love out a little more, but ultimately decided to keep it honest. As the caveat on the about this site page states:

“My measure for selection is simply which piece had the biggest impact on me. Sometimes I wonder if this project is better viewed as a psychological examination of my reading proclivities.”

So, take these suggestions for what they are: my favorite pieces of 2009 to date. If you think I missed a great one, please submit it in the comments below.

Thanks for continuing to make this project a success. As always, please contact me on twitter or through the comments below and remember to use our link when it’s time to renew your New Yorker subscription. (1-year print subscription, 2-year print subscription, & Kindle subscription). ♦

3 thoughts on “The top five New Yorker articles of 2009 to date”

  1. you could do much worse than a little man crush with the likes of Dr Gawande!! xoxo

  2. @suicide_blond: I think Dr. Gawande is slightly out of my league even for a man-crush.

    @Cliff Garstang: I enjoyed “Idols” too — this year has been packed with some great short stories.

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