3 thoughts on “The Good Cook: A starving patriot in North Korea.”

  1. The article on Wes Anderson was interesting. I’ve only seen one of his movies, “The Darjeeling Express” – which was likeable, but goofy. Also, Elizabeth Kolbert’s review of Cass Sunstein’s new book “On Rumors” is a must-read, but also depressing due to examples of the way misinformation is spread through technology – ‘going viral’ – and how technology helps us all choose the news that reinforces what we already think. Nothing new, but examples of media-polarization give a frightening context to this trend.

  2. It was a solid issue overall and, as a big Wes Anderson fan, I liked that piece too. Kolbert’s piece on Sunstein’s book is a good reminder of the echo chamber we live in these days. Thanks for adding in your picks for the issue — they are always a welcome addition to the site.

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